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[프로그램 소개] 독일 Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Virtual Academic Short Term Program


독일 Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences에서 Virtual Academic Short Term Program을 진행한다고 합니다. 관심있는 학생들은 아래 내용을 확인 바랍니다.

-아        래-

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences will offer one course this year in European Finance (6 ECTS). The course is divided into 4 dynamic units, which aim to lay the groundwork for a solid knowledge base of the banking and finance sector in Europe: 

- Banking in Europe

- Central Banking in the Eurozone

- European Economic Integration

- Financial Institutions in Europe

There will be additional online social gatherings and workshops, to give students a chance to get to know one another, become acquainted with Frankfurt, and develop their intercultural communication skills. 


This intensive two-week course will take place from June 28th until July 9th, 2021, with pre-course and post-course meetings taking place the week prior to and after the course. The classes will take place in the morning Frankfurt time (UTC+2).


The course has open enrollment and students will be admitted on a rolling basis. Maximum capacity for the course is 25 participants. Please find all relevant information online and can apply on our website here

* 지원기간: March 15th, 2021~ May 20th, 2021


* 문의처: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences International Office / summerschools@fra-uas.de