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Application Guide for Global Korea Scholarship 2020 Spring

(Eligible students have been notified by e-mail so please check your mail-box. Please read through the qualifications carefully since application is restricted.)

Dear students,


Warm Greetings from Ewha Womans University!


I am writing to inform you about opportunity to receive Global Korea Scholarship for undergraduate international exchange student at Ewha.

Ewha has been chosen as one of the host universities of the government-sponsored (National Institute for International Education) GKS scholarship to recommend 5 nominees of exchange students staying at Ewha for 2020 Spring semester.

The benefits of the scholarship is as follows.


ü  Monthly Allowance of 500,000 KRW per month during semester
* in the first and final month of stay, the allowance will be given at a daily rate.

ü  Settlement Fee of 200,000 KRW given once

ü  Airfare support according to the country-airfare guidelines provided by the National Institute of International Education(Domestic flights and flights including drop offs will not be reimbursed. Details will be provided to selected students.)

ü  Insurance fee coverage (University pays for insurance on behalf of scholarship student)

²  All benefits will be provided after arrival. Details to be noticed.


If you are interested and meet ALL qualifications below, please send the application materials in one combined file(you may use zip file)to goabroad@ewha.ac.krby January 6th(Monday), Korea Time.

The file name should be “Student Number_Nameex) IES20001_Ewha Kim

[1] Qualifications**

  1. Undergraduate exchange student from partner university, who is NOT in Korea currently.

  2. New student who is a semester student or a year student (Returning students who were enrolled in 2019 Fall are NOT eligible.)
    - The scholarship period covers 4 month(March to June) for a semester student.
    - The scholarship period covers 10 month(March to October) for a year student

  3. Student with foreign nationality.
    - Students with Korean passports or Korean dual citizenship is not eligible.

  4. Student who have completed at least two semesters at home university and has accumulated GPA of 80/100 or over.

  5. Student who have not previously received any type of scholarship provided by the Korean government.

  6. If selected, the scholarship student may not cancel or change study period.

  7. If selected, the scholarship student is obligated to take one class(worth 2 credit or more) of Korean Language or Korean Culture.

  8. If selected, the scholarship student is required to submit essay regarding your exchange program experience at the end of the program.(instructions will be provided separately)

[2] Application Materials

  1. Study Plan(Attached file)

    - Write reason for applying for the exchange program in Korea, your current study area and your study objectives

  2. Personal Statement(Attached file)

    - Write about your extra- curricular activities (volunteer, etc)

    - Write your career objectives after completion of the exchange program and graduation.

    3.  Official Academic Transcript (PDF copy)

    - Official Academic Transcript must bear percentage 100) grade.
    If not, the student should provide confirmation letter of percentage grade from the university in addition to the transcript.

    4.  Optional: if applicable,

    1) Recommendation Letter from your home university

    - Nomination/ Recommendation letter for the exchange program itself is not considered.

    2) Certificate of Awards

    - Certificate of Participation is not considered.

                 3) TOPIK Official Transcript (issued on 2017.12.31 or after)

                  4) Second Language Official Exam Transcript (issued on 2017.12.31 or after)

    - Independent University Test is not considered.


All applicants may expect to receive result around end of January via email, and individual reply regarding submission will not be provided.

Thank you.