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Foreigner Registration Card(FRC) Online Application Guideline

As COVID-19 situation has worsened in the past few weeks in Seoul, the on campus Foreigner Registration Card application service will be conducted online.

The International Affairs Office would like to advise students to process FRC application online in order to avoid any infections of COVID-19.





Submission of Online Application

2020. 9. 10.(Thurs) 00:00 ~ 9. 13.(Sun) 23:59

Transfer of Fees

2020. 9. 10.(Thurs) 00:00 ~ 9. 15.(Tues) 15:00

Application Submission to the Immigration Office

2020. 9. 16.(Wed)


[How to Apply]

1. Go on to the website of the Korea Immigration Service Foundation (KISF) (http://kisfvisa.org)
2. Select your school and type of service. Type in the contents according to the instructions and attach the required files
3. After application submission, transfer the fees to the designated bank account

* Fee will be notified after submitting the application
* Bank account for Ewha students: KB Bank 878301-01-309445 / Account holder: 안복영(한국이민재단) (Ahn Bok Young, KISF)
* You can make a transfer through even if you do not have a bank account in Korea. Please take your passport with you when making a   visit to the bank. There can be a transfer fee ranging from 500 to 2,000 won according to the transferring amount
* In order to identify the depositor, please input your passport number as the depositor’s name. 

  You can change the depositor’s name when   making a transfer with online banking or you can request this to the personnel at the  bank.
* Application will not be submitted to the immigration office when the fee is not transferred and not confirmed until the deadline of the       transfer of fees.
* After submitting the documents to the immigration office, KISF will inform applicants of the completion of submission