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2020 Ewha Online International Co-Ed Winter College Student Application is now OPEN


2020 Ewha 

Online International Co-Ed Winter College

Student Application is now OPEN!




◆ Steps

  1. Select a program.

  2. Write down an e-mail address to be used as your LOG-IN ID.

  3. Click 'Register'.

◆ Note

  1. The LOG-IN ID cannot be changed.

  2. After registration, your password will automatically be issued. Your birthday is the PASSWORD.

      (e.g., YYYYMMDD: 19991208)

  3. Some internet networks may limit the use of ports of this website. 

     In case of troubleshooting, please try with a new computer with access to different networks.

If you have any other inquiries, please contact us at gowinter@ewha.ac.kr.


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