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[COVID-19] Foreigners Entering Korea Required to Submit Negative PCR Test Result

Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing (PCR Test) and Submission of Negative Results Becoming Mandatory for All Incoming Foreigners to Korea


1. The Korean government has decided to make pre-departure COVID-19 testing (PCR test) and the submission of negative results mandatory for all incoming foreigners to Korea due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 variations with stronger contagiousness.


2. Negative results should be submitted by all foreigners arriving via flights


  o Subject: All foreigners arriving in Korea via flights (including Re-entrants)


  o Date of enforcement: Those arriving from 00:00 (arrival time in KST), January 8th 2021


  o Method of submission: Submit the negative results of PCR testing* conducted within 72 hours prior to departure during the quarantine procedure. The results should be presented when boarding and boarding is prohibited when the documents are not presented.

  * The original document must be present and must be written either in English or Korean. The document can be written in third languages other than English or korean and can be accepted when submitted with a full English or Korean translation with a translation certificate. There may be addition of documents according to the departing country so consult your local consulate of Korea for confirmation of required documents.


3. Entry to Korea is prohibited when an invalid document (e.g. PCR testing being conducted within more than 72 hours from departure) is presented or when an official paper is not present.




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