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National Health Insurance (D-2 visa students)

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has implemented the revised health insurance system to international students, made mandatory to register for the national health insurance, starting from March 2021. The Ministry will set insurance for foreigners at 30 percent of the level levied on new subscribers in 2021 (2021.3~2022.2), and will increase the rate by 10 percent a year until 2023 (2022.3~2023.2.).


Students will be made mandatory to register for the national health insurance. Also, students are required to purchase Ewha Collective Insurance or Insurance that is compatible to Ewha Collective Insurance as well. Students are responsible to purchase the insurance to avoid any penalties or disadvantages that might occur.


Please refer to the chart below:


National Health Insurance


39,450 KRW per month

Coverage Period

—Student who already has Residence Card in Korea: 

2021. 3. 1. ~ date of departure


—Student who do not have Residence Card in Korea:

Your foreigner registration date ~ date of departure



Payment Method

National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) will send

the invoice and payment method directly to you

Additional Information

More details will be provided to you around the end of February


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