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[University Club] EKLES (Ewha Korea Living Experience Supporters)

Let's have a good time living in Korea with EKLES!





EKLES (Ewha Korea Living Experience Supporters) is a uni. club of Ewha which is mainly about cultural exchange between foreign students and Korean students.

Considering the COVID-19, we decided to have a 100% online seminar. BUT there are some great activities that we’ve planned and all you have to do is to enjoy them!

We are now recruiting exchange students in Ewha who want to make Korean friends in Ewha and do lots of fun activities that make your living in Korea much more exciting!
We can help you be friends with Ewha students and other exchange students, and help you learn different culture and language XD

#WHEN? : 7th period every Wednesday (at 5 p.m.)
(If you have any class from 5:00 to 6:15 pm, then you cannot apply for the club.)

#How to Apply? : Please download the application file down below, fill in and send it to [ewhaekles2021@gmail.com]
! Until 3/7 (Sun), 6 p.m. ! ( We have increased the deadline! )

#Activity period : During 2021-1 Semester

#1st seminar : Wednesday, March 24th (before that, you will be contacted by your mentor). 

#Entry fee : 5000 Won

EKLES pursue the trustworthy relationship between mentor and mentee.
We hope y'all show some respect to each other and be on time!

Thank you