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Some Spring 2021 courses that you might be interested in...

Spring 2021 courses that you might be interested in...


Course information below was provided by the HOKMA College of General Education.


If you are interested in taking these courses, you may refer to the detailed information through syllabus in the course list at Ewha website (http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen/bachelor/timetable.do).



Current Issues (10596-01) 

Course designed to explore contemporary issues shaping the lives of people around the world. Over the course of the semester, students will develop skills to critically analyze and discuss diverse topics including fake newsartificial intelligencegender politicstribalism, etc. Various types of materials (e.g., news articles, images, podcasts, video clips) will be used to inform as well as for analysis. By the end of the semester, not only will students have sharpened their critical thinking and communication skills,but they will also have gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and complex world we live in today.


Please note that high English language fluency is NOT a requirement for this class.  One of the main objectives of this course is to provide the students (with various levels of language fluency) with an opportunity to develop/hone their English language/communication skills by actively engaging with the topics and in class discussions.  In other words, to succeed in this class, you just need to bring your curious mind and willingness to share ideas with others!  




Cinema Arts and English (10643)

Get some popcorn. Find your seat. Turn off your smart-phone. LET'S WATCH A MOVIE!!!

For the next 16 weeks this course will go over various topics dealing with films. Classes will cover the film making process, film analysis, and other subjects dealing with films. Students will watch, discuss, and analyze a wide-range of films; will learn how to identify film components and how they are used; will learn how to identify various plots and genres used in films; will learn how visual storytelling is used in films; will learn how to interpret films; wil l learn about relationships in and between films; will learn how to write a film analysis paper and how to debate about films; and will partake in many other fun activities dealing with films. This class is designed for students wanting to have a deeper appreciation for films, AND for students that are already cinephiles (film lovers) but would like to learn more specific details about the art of film making and other film-related topics.



World Women through English(10709)


This is an advance English course for those students who have taken College English and Advanced English, which aims to provide students with an opportunity to practice and improve their written and oral abilities in English through the study and discussion of various issues and images related to women. Any student with active and positive attitude toward practicing English skills and expressing their thoughts and opinions openly are welcome to the class. Students proficiency level in English is NOT the basis for evaluation; rather active participation and productive class performance are important. 

There will be some short readings which will be the basis for in class discussions, some writing assignment ts and presentations, and comprehension check up quizzes on the reading assignments. There is no midterm or final exam. Most of the class hours will involve active and free group discussions, which will lead to web search, group writing, or group presentation.

This is a language/communication course, and NOT a specialized course in feminism, although feminist ideas are welcomed and open to discussion. Students are invited to be original, creative, and personal in their views and opinions regarding the topics dealt with in class, as there are no set answers, to promote in depth communication in English. This is a fun, interesting, and enrichening class for all the students wanting to examine themselves as women and individuals living in today s society. The course will apply absolute grading.




Business and Technical English (10597)


Business and Technical English is designed to help students land an entry-level job (or gain admission to graduate school) and accelerate their careers. It is open to all students, no matter their course of study or departmental affiliation.


Students will hone essential skills for 21st century workplace success such as writing professionally, delivering presentations, facilitating meetings, personal branding, socializing, networking, problem-solving, anticipating needs, taking initiative, and negotiating. That said, the primary focus of the course is helping students get jobs or go to graduate school.


Written Communication - Students will write professional emails, resum es, cover letters, and personal statements.    


Oral Communication ? Students will give presentations, sit for job/graduate school interviews, take part in meetings, network, socialize, and negotiate.


The class will be collaborative and student-centered in nature with a great deal of discussion, interaction, and peer feedback. The goal is to further students’ confidence to stand out among their peers and advance quickly in their chosen professions.



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