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Social Distancing Level (level 2 for the Seoul Area, gatherings of 5 or more people banned)


This is the news link related to the current social distancing level in Korea:





Regulations for Level 2 Social Distancing


Reference: Seoul Metropolitan Government http://english.seoul.go.kr/regulations-for-level-2-social-distancing/?cp=2&cat=29


□ Adjustment of social distancing levels

○ Period: Mon, Feb. 15 – Sun, Feb. 28, 2021 -> has been extended to March 14th, 2021 -> March 28th, 2021 -> April 11th, 2021 -> extended to May 2nd, 2021

○ Adjustment: Level 2 for metropolitan area & Level 1.5 for non-metropolitan area

– Limited hours of operation for six types of businesses (i.e. restaurants, cafes) in the metropolitan area eased from 9 PM to 10 PM

※ Restaurants/cafes (no eating), indoor sports facilities, karaoke rooms, visiting sales, party rooms, indoor standing performance halls

○ (Nationwide 10 PM curfew for entertainment facilities) Nationwide limited hours of operation for entertainment facilities set to 10 PM

※ Must observe key disease control and prevention measures during operation to minimize risk

< Key disease control and prevention measures >

• Observance of hours of operation and limited capacity (max. 4 persons allowed per room)


• Observance of requirements while singing (installation of acrylic boards, one person singing at one time, etc.)

• No dancing at clubs, night clubs, etc. (operation of dance halls/dance floors prohibited)

• No moving from table to table and room to room at pick-up bars, entertainment bars, etc.

• Mandatory use of electronic visitors’ logs (including owners of entertainment facilities)

< Adjustments >

CategoryMetropolitan area (level 2)Non-metropolitan area (level 1.5)
Movie theaters, PC bangs (Internet cafes), arcades, private academies, study rooms, amusement parks, barber shops, beauty salons, supermarketsLimited operations liftedLimited operations lifted
Restaurants/cafes (no eating), indoor sports facilities, karaoke rooms, door-to-door sales, party rooms, indoor standing performance hallsLimited hours of operation (10 PM)Limited operations lifted ※Limited hours of operation for door-to-door sales (10 PM)
Six types of entertainment facilities (i.e. entertainment bars, karaoke bars, clubs, colatecs, pick-up bars, hold’em pubs)Limited hours of operation (10 PM)Limited hours of operation (10 PM)
Limited capacity for events (e.g. weddings, funerals)Less than 100Less than 500 (notice and consultation with local government required for +500 attendance)
Religious activitiesGatherings of 20% of attendees permitted for regular services ※No post-service gatherings, meals, lodgingGatherings of 30% of attendees permitted for regular services ※No post-service gatherings, meals, lodging

○ (Continued ban on private gatherings) Private gatherings of 5 or more persons will continue to be prohibited for optimal results of the adjusted social distancing level for eased disease control and prevention measures and to prevent spreading among individuals

– However, an exception will be made for direct families and sports facilities with a facility manager (E.g. Games permitted at indoor and outdoor futsal/soccer/baseball fields, etc.)

○ Adjustment of special measures at level 2.5

– Continued ban on operations of saunas and public bath facilities in the metropolitan area having been applied to the metropolitan area starting December 1 in consideration of mass infections at saunas despite it being a level 3 regulation due to continued outbreaks of mass infections at bath facilities (24 cases since October)

– Continued ban on excess number of guests at lodging facilities to prevent gatherings, parties, and celebrations of eased distancing level

– Sales of only window seats on trains and reservations to accommodate two-thirds of accommodations at lodging facilities lifted in consideration of the end of Seollal


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