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[Student Club] Ewha P.I.E is recruiting new international members



Ewha P.I.E  is recruiting new international members!


P.I.E stands for Path of International Exchange: through embracement.



1. Activities 


-My hometown story


This a chance for you to share your own culture or fun stuffs about your country with others! You also get a chance to learn others culture!


-Social dining with members 


We taste various food from different countries and share fun behind stories about them.


-Potluck parties, and social gatherings


You can check out photos of our activities on our instagram account (@pie__ewha)


*To maintain social distancing, P.I.E is planning  online programs.


2. Recruitment


-Who can apply?


No matter your age, major and country, you are welcomed!


Even though you dont take offline course this semester, you can join online programs😊



-How to apply


Please send Name/Nationality/Major/Student id/ phone no./ brief introduction about yourself


To insta @pie__ewha  or 010 6500 0993 / 010 6216 4061 (P.I.E councils)


There is no deadline, but contact us as soon as possible 😊


For further information, contact us through instagram.



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